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0 ups, 9m
Interesting short movie.
Thanks for that.
The one behind this link was already known to me, but also has a good point:
8:32 google search in fun
1 up, 9m
Thank you.
8:32 google search in fun
1 up, 9m
How old are ya?
You could get a Lego-Carpenter, or a Lego-Engineer? No?
It's never to late to have some fun.
It's always a good idea to make ones hobbies to ones Job.
You will never hate your job and in times people pay other people while they watch these "outgrowns" playing games for childrens, that also should be possible.

They even built an awesome model of an Audi A8 Race Edition using Lego Bricks,
now how do you prevent dissassembly?
Always something isn't it lol pretty sure anyone can relate to it in fun
0 ups, 9m
All jokes aside, there weren't any battles you could have won.
Beside this, to your Question:
I had less a cance as many others, i don't know anything about you,
but i know, i made it to two different kinds of engineers and a PhD.
And that wasn't as easy as it looked to some others, neither it were as hard
as the most people today complain about their very own home made bullcrap.
Yes Honey in fun
0 ups, 9m
i mean, you are right, alll jokes aside, there are some really weird people out in the world.