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Peppa pig sucks in fun
0 ups, 6d
I think EOne might need to end Peppa Pig.
Skeletor disturbing facts in fun
0 ups, 1w
Oh I beg your pardon.
Skeletor disturbing facts in fun
0 ups, 1w
No, eggs aren't plants I'm afraid. The name “eggplant” came from how the first varieties of the fruit were actually egg-shaped. It is known as aubergine in the UK and my home country Ireland.
What if Ariel farts? in fun
1 up, 3w
Yeah probably but we know it actually doesn't happen in this popular Disney animated film from the early 1990s so I only made it up, that's all.
Two Paths in fun
0 ups, 4w
Oh yes some of newer music is pretty good for me alright.