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The media lies will never stop until you shut the TV off. in politics
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National polls would be great if we elected on the popular vote, but we don’t.
yah well i wnana fix ur educatonal system libturd in politics3
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And that, folks, is a textbook definition of indoctrination.

Education and politics should never intersect.
Untitled Image in politics
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So what do you think Trump should have done while Fauci was repeatedly recommending no masks? Or while de Blasio and Pelosi were encouraging people to go out in the streets?
Still Under Investigation in politics
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Hahahaha...keep going, please. This is hilarious.
Still Under Investigation in politics
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Haha...we don’t need to know what you say to yourself to rationalize your emotions. It may make it true in your head, but it isn’t reality.

And I’m not bragging for me, I’m bragging for those I know who can assemble a pile of rifle parts and hit 3 targets at 50 yards in under 30 seconds.