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BBC Newsflash
Verified: bbc has had meetings with staff, re. how to trash what they don't like, and praise what they do like, and make it look like "news". Sadly not unique to them, and I know a guy who was fired for objecting to it.
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Cool - I didn't know hogan's heroes had fanfic. It's my favorite show of all time - futurama being #2. I discovered that most of the "top nazis" were played by Jewish actors, or other (former) refugees- most of whom fled Germany and Austria when the bad guys took over, and then joined the US army during the war. So the military bearing, and the german accents were authentic. I'll have to look for your stuff. Thanks!
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I rewind dvds.
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Carter! I miss those guys.
I'd hate to see that in my window!!!
Don't worry, you wouldn't. Happy little family is pretty close to Mr. mushroom. Rate of propagation of radiation, blast, thermal shock... no time to get upset about missing school - or anything else. Looks like they have pancakes, too. Such a senseless waste...