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TF2 Angry medic in fun
1 up, 7y
Ninjashpee09 is my username just so you know it's me
TF2 Angry medic in fun
1 up, 7y
The funny thing is I was in TF2 for 2 years and just 6 months ago I figured out what market gardening is XD so when I was f2p I got rid of the market gardener because I didn't know what the use for it was. So then lucky me 2 months ago I got 2 market gardener drops in the same month and unboxed a rocket launcher skin.
TF2 Angry medic in fun
1 up, 7y
omg I hate that especialy when you're market gardening then you need a medkit so you're just centimeter away and then someone takes it so you die from fall damage
TF2 Angry medic in fun
0 ups, 7y
this happened a lot for me when I was new but then I realized you don't need to stick with the heavy or soldier people say it's a good idea so you have cover or you are making that heavy or soldier OP.
Words Can't Describe How Funny This Is in fun
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They want you to switch to allstate...