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A wild refugee in gaming
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I made A wile Ago. To make jest @ the over use if this image every time refugees are talked about or use against who critique them to push A narrative tru the emotional manipulation by making ether your for saving kids or for death of children and A racist.But Exploiting of dead children and autistic children as A shield from valid criticism as A (insert phob Buzzword ) Imho is worse then the person that mite be really A racist they are mothers and fathers and most likley don't like seeing children die.A revolutionary Ideology dose not A will use what ever and who ever it can to reach it goal and dump them off at the gulag after they served purpose.Because when the people who fought revolution notice what they where promise where lies what will stop them from doing it to you.Is it "edgy" sure but It has A point that is not A conspiracy theory or about promoting hate of race of religion or political party or just shock content.If you can prove other wise or based on objective fact and not subjective feeling feel to change my mind & I will omit it if A logical fault can be found but I wont apologize for it if offended.TY