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Ronald McDonald Temp in fun
3 ups, 6d
right? SOOOO annoying
Cat Tax in fun
2 ups, 2w
i LOVE this
tough love in fun
3 ups, 2m
nope. that's a cat mom doing that to her cat baby. she didn't hurt it. cats also regularly kill birds coz they're carnivores. i like dogs AND cats. I've only had two dogs, but 5 cats. that good enough for ya to allow me to post this without being labelled cat hater?
tough love in fun
2 ups, 2m
all a part of their charm
migraine aura in reactiongifs
0 ups, 7m
wow, note to self: do not take selfies of or taunt the migraine aura...a second one was just sent along...this one isn't a backward C it's a forward C...i'll try not to read anything into that other than do not taunt the aura