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Number 1 Evil belongs to you Lucifer! The most purest of evil! in fun
0 ups, 3mo
Ah good Lucifer can be happy knowing that you are clueless about the truth. Now his minions will continue to make you think Putin is the most evilest person in the world.
I still don’t have any ideas in Christian-clean-meme
0 ups, 3mo
Is that so? Well then you won't mind showing evidence proving that god isn't real?
By proving how the Big Bang is real, By proving that we came from apes.

The Big Bang would go against God, for the creation of the Earth.

As the Apes would fight against Adam & Eve, for the true first humans.

If you ignore and keep silent then therefore you have no evidence of the Big Bang & Apes being real. Which therefore making God real as there are no other combatting starters.

So go on Mr.Anti Believer can you prove it?
See you at the Armageddon! in Christian-clean-meme
0 ups, 3mo
Isn't the Antichrist supposed to be a magically evil creature that is the opposite of Jesus?
See you at the Armageddon! in Christian-clean-meme
1 up, 3mo
For their Lord Lucifer yes.
Full Moon in Christian-clean-meme
1 up, 3mo
Ah yes, "The Light Of The Son"