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DerpyChik Out! =^.^=
At some point next year, I am thinking around the middle of January? Maybe sooner than that! I'll update you and post a meme about it when it is published! ;)
DerpyChik Out! =^.^=
Thank you! =^.^=
DerpyChik Out! =^.^=
Thank you, HumanBeingWH! >//////////<
DerpyChik Out! =^.^=
Thank you! =^.^= I've enjoyed writing throughout my life, and I get many compliments on how extravagant it is, so I figured I should put my talent to the extreme!
DerpyChik Out! =^.^=
But... I WILL respond to the first 30 comments here (this one doesn't count). If you aren't the first 30, I apologize, but you won't hear from me for a while! Good luck with your memes/gifs! Get some good inspiration! :) >////////< =^.^=