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Not all mental deficiencies are equal: some are genetic travesties, others are self-inflicted.
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Picard Wtf
Or is that Dustin Robert "oopsie daisy pedophile" Wells?
Picard Wtf
Dustin "oopsie daisy sexual assault" Wells sure didn't like that meme!
Picard Wtf
I was referring to your phone conversation, not your retarded multi-facebook account dude. You literally said you would try to hook up with her if the chance came while my brother was deployed. The only reason to deflect is due to your own guilt.
Picard Wtf
Thinks Philippians 3:2 is about Dogs and Dean Odle, fails to comprehend it's about circumcision, so therefore, this clown is himself a dog that he uses as symbolism of being lost. What tragic irony.
Picard Wtf
Kind of like how he changes the subject after he claims on youtube to his wife that he wasn't innocent 'only' due to his "heart being played with". Reality is, his boss was trying to get him to go to church, but he decided on myspace hook ups instead, while he lied to his boss and said he went to a different church. Now he claims the church is corrupt! But he was part of the corruption! DOH!