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I hate HighSchool
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Trash Memes in fun
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floating boy chasing running boy in gaming
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P.s this is my last meme (i”m gonna take a short ”VACANTION” but don”t worry i will be back in a few weeks) #StaySafe #HappyEaster
Listen here you little shit bird in fun
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Sorry for my ”pause” i was sus of Corona so i stayed in hospital 1 week. Now i”m in quarantine at my home. Sorry for this :(. BUT! starting from tomorrow I will post 3 memes per day! #StaySAFE
This wasn't part of the plan in fun
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image tagged in sad but true | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
yes...that suck$...but.. THIS IS THE LIFE...
Among us be like: in gaming
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