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Leonardo Dicaprio pointing at tv in fun
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Scheming Gollum in politics
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EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, WHEN YOU USE MAIL-IN BALLOTS | image tagged in memes,imagination spongebob | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
God-DAMN! That projection is rampant in you!
I keep hearing this "Trump lied over 30,000 times" chestnut. Id love to know who took, or had, the time to count. Of course, it was a liberal, so they probably don't have a job; when you don't work, you have time for a lot.
Jo(k)e Biden has been a real boon to things, though. Just not in America.
Abandoned thousands of Americans and allies, and almost $100B in weapons and supplies, for the Taliban. Gas prices are almost double in many places, to what they were in 2018. Food and retail prices are rising. His staff actually mutes him when he speaks, because he's so cringey and apt to screw up. People who voted for Biden just because they didn't like Trump are enjoying a huge Pyrric victory, and a deep sense of buyer's remorse. The Democratic Party is suffering a huge number of defections, but somehow still wins by landslides, like in California's recall. Of course, see the meme.
Scheming Gollum in politics
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Projection from you. Everything you said describes the Democrats perfectly. The GOP might be a bumbling gang of gutless, corrupt punkasses, but at least they can say they're not ACTIVELY anti-American. The treasonous, criminal Democrats are; and authoritarian communists, on top of that.

"Don't laugh at kids who believe in Santa Clause; there are adults who think the Democrats are honest."--Unknown
Scheming Gollum in politics
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Everything after "twice": classic projection. Love it. So very typical.
Have a good one.
Biden voters in politics
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🤔 Pretty sure it was Trump that initiated "Operation Warp Speed", that fast-tracked the vaccines. Joe said last fall that he had a plan to get us over the virus, but Trump didn't. In February he said we shouldn't plan on getting through the pandemic too quickly. Tje man doesn't even know how long he's been "President".
You guys really are the Not-See Party, aren't you?