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Corporate control in fun
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Everyone is wise to the FreeSpee!! virtue signal that the right bleats over every action they take & doesn't really believe in.

"There's no such thing as hate speech! It's all protected free speech!

"Speaking against Israel is antisemitic hate speech and must be banned!!"
-Clown World
Corporate control in fun
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Nevermind the fact that the right patrols and purges all free speech that mocks/exposes them too well across all media social sites in order to give the impression their backwards agenda is winning out.
affirmative action, scotus, supreme court in politics
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They got rid of affirmative action- the thing that was giving black people all their privilege (even tho they have Nothing to lose according to Tramp) so legaffirmative action for elite white kids while poor whites get nothing is just fine with poor whites lol.

LBJ was right
Both Buttons Pressed in fun
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"I need comidy about modernwomen, blacks, mexicans and transgays. Comedy about America, whites, the military, the church- disgusting/racist/not sanctioned!"
Despite society being all progressive, women sometimes still get stigmatized in fun
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Gotta use JOODAYOKRISCHENVALYOOZ to virtue signal for politics. Bitch needs to be a virgin til daddy says and have a baby daddy no later than the agenda says she must be locked down. *shrug*