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Hello I assume you are here for beyblades ? I can be described as a blader who uses pngs for memes sometimes.
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Pax did not see that coming in fun
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To adress what I misses on this meme
1. He created all the pandora's exept flame, sure he made the design of flame pandora but he did not create it Pri did.
2. His loss to bell he exepted that he lost to bell in the end and was one of the villain who achieved there goals remember, his goal was to make the bey with the best elemental power not to win matches
I did not make a very actuate meme
Who did this to Adeleine in fun
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true or its a scribble alt
Good reasons in fun
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Teacher's Copy in fun
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mega mind vs the doom syndicate
Who did this to Adeleine in fun
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*casts heal spell*