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Another School Shooting in politics
0 ups, 18h
Except he didn't. You did.

Try being a man and taking responsibility for yourself sometime. I know that doesn't come naturally to conservatives, but at least give it a go.
Another School Shooting in politics
1 up, 20h
So today I learned that trumptards think that ice cream goes in the refrigerator...
yep in politics
0 ups, 2d
So cry about it on the internet, surely that'll make you feel like a big boy
yep in politics
0 ups, 2d
You can bypass all that by taking responsibility for your own kids and homeschooling them yourself

It's almost like you know you aren't smart enough to do that or something...
Dana claims she could beat Tyrus in croquet in politics
0 ups, 2d
Depends on the sport, really. she'd kick his ass in anything that requires cardio.