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Troll Face Colored in fun
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Thank you for clearing that up Lol... I was confused for a while
Troll Face Colored in fun
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If you're implying we Capitalists don't like people, then you're right to a point... We don't people whom think they deserve to have other people pay for their bullshit. I believe in working the things you want, and earning for what you work. Socialism denies personal gain and instead produces and equality poverished community.
Troll Face Colored in fun
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Thinking Socialism is a great economic system... So hot right now.
I guess it's a good thing my kitchen is unbiased in fun
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Wouldn't you hate to be that bearer of bad fruit?
Shut Up Revolution Has Begun! (New & Improved) in fun
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The only thing longer this is my...

Incomplete list at school.