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If you look really hard you might spot it. in fun
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spot what? i see nothing but traffic cones here.
Can you spot the alien in f_u_n_n_y
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you ¶ are ¦ the § aliens. ‡ your ⁊ rovers § have ‡ driven ¤ us ¶ below µ the ¤ surface µ
After ¤ we § helped ⁊ your ‡ ancestors build ¦ the µ great ¶ pyramids.
Tell your leader, "Musk" this: We are prepared with war weapons unlike any your species has seen, we dont want to have to use them. but we will do what we must to keep you from our home. tell musk that our king and our people think your kind are unwelcome back on my home. it is because of your kinds foolish arrogance and lack of care for your home planet, that it will be destroyed. So stop worrying about how to live on our planet when your planet gets to hot, start worrying about how to fix it.
read this in f_u_n_n_y
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u r a gnious
read this in f_u_n_n_y
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read this in f_u_n_n_y
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