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Leftists are the dumbest people to have ever walked the earth; easily controlled by the mockingbird media.
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You have a right to be stupid. Except when it effects my right to exist. in politics
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Oh, right. They would NEVER manufacture evidence to manipulate an outcome. Oh, wait. They did IN A F**KING FISA COURT. If they can fool a FISA judge, they can certainly fool a grand jury pool, just as they have fooled you.

Get over yourself.
? in politics
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Good job on not watching the documentary. Even greater job of trusting that the government has YOUR best interest at heart.
You have a right to be stupid. Except when it effects my right to exist. in politics
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So, whatchyer saying is you believe the government is honest and absent any corruption whatsoever and just because an indictment says there's "evidence" it must be true? Perhaps you've jumped the gun. And indictment isn't a conviction. Furthermore, a defendant has a Constitutional right to present his defense utilizing exculpatory evidence provided by the prosecutors, conduct their own discovery, call their own witnesses, and so own.

I will return here when Trump is vindicated to see how you're doing. I'm gonna guess you will be in complete denial.
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Hey look: Gumshoe, jackistanian, and Hail_Statan must be virologists.

I'm not a virologist, but I do know double-speak or double-think when I see it and there's a lot of it when the so-called experts discuss or write about Viruses or Germ Theory.

Ya'll should watch this documentary. It's pretty eye-opening to the lies were being fed over this subject and it goes back to the 1800s.
You have a right to be stupid. Except when it effects my right to exist. in politics
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Sorry pal. I don't watch Faux News.

There's ZERO evidence Trump instigated a faux insurrection. He tweeted to keep it peaceful, but Twitter deleted that tweet. Trump also posted a video to keep it peaceful. He even said at the rally that day to keep it peaceful. But, you go on with your bad self regurgitating Mainstream Mockingbird Legacy media talking points.

The problem with folks such as yourself is the evidence could be tangible in your hands and you will still dismiss it because your confirmation bias is so strong, it won't let you take a step back and look at the big picture.

I challenge you to literally eat crow a year from now when the truth about Jan 6 is made aware. Nancy Pelosi and her gang, both Republicans and Democrats in cahoots, staged Jan 6 to cover up for the stolen election.

You know not of what you think you know and speak of. Do you still believe Sept 11th 2001 happened without US intelligence knowing about it? Do you dismiss all the evidence that points towards an inside job? If you believe the corrupt actors can pull off 911, is it not also possible they pulled off a rinky dink ruckus on Jan 6 trying to make it look like something it wasn't?