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If the walls could talk.
Aren't you ironic.
If the walls could talk.
You fool. You petulant fool. I am not better than you, nor are you better than the next person. What a hugely arrogantly pompous thing to say. For your information, human beings as a whole are hypocrites (I being chief). There's not a thing you can say about me that I don't already know about myself. You, on the other hand, seemingly walk this planet as though you were put here by little gods. Wash that cyanide down with kool aid, kid. You are all feelings. Your pseudo-intellectual ramblings rival that of cats shitting in a sandbox. I criticize the liberal mindset for what it is, illogical. It's pointless having any kind of discussion with you because the instance you feel threatened, muh feelings drop faster than OJ Simpson's race card. You can go f**k yourself and the horse you rode in on. You can chuckle and snear at what I've written, but the truth is, you'll be butthurt again and feel the need to respond to this, thus proving my point. All you liberal retards are the same, "so and so does it, too". And you liberals pride yourselves in being stalwarts of academia. Good for you. I can memorize a book to pass a test. Again, go f**k yourself you annoying piece of shit.
If the walls could talk.
You've got to be the biggest snowflake pussy on the entirety of the internet. While the world burns, you'd be more focused on your feelings. Go eat cyanide.