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Holy Cow, Beto!!! in politics
1 up, 3m
AOC goes to the pet store... in politics
3 ups, 7m
I know but it sounds like something she would say, she is that clueless...
How??? in politics
1 up, 8m
Gee, I don't know... Maybe because I never saw it before I decided to make it??? I don't spend all of my time at ImgFlip... Take a chill pill...
Smiling cat... in cats
2 ups, 11m
I do not know why he is so serious... I adopted him in June after my sister's brother-in-law died and he needed a home... He is a very good cat but he ALWAYS looks so serious... lol...
Texting... in fun
6 ups, 1y
I'm in my 60's and I know about shorthand and the character limit on old cell phones... I didn't use my cell for texting at that time because it was so very annoying... You sure ruined the fun of this meme with your snarky attitude...