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AOC goes to the pet store... in politics
3 ups, 3m
I know but it sounds like something she would say, she is that clueless...
How??? in politics
0 ups, 4m
Gee, I don't know... Maybe because I never saw it before I decided to make it??? I don't spend all of my time at ImgFlip... Take a chill pill...
Smiling cat... in cats
1 up, 7m
I do not know why he is so serious... I adopted him in June after my sister's brother-in-law died and he needed a home... He is a very good cat but he ALWAYS looks so serious... lol...
Texting... in fun
6 ups, 9m
I'm in my 60's and I know about shorthand and the character limit on old cell phones... I didn't use my cell for texting at that time because it was so very annoying... You sure ruined the fun of this meme with your snarky attitude...
An ode to wine... in fun
2 ups, 10m
I have an f/b group of ladies who expect fun wine themed memes... I'm not much of one for wine... lol...