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Would you want to try to drink one? in fun
4 ups, 3mo
If I knew which was which, I'd drink the windex
uh oh. in fun
0 ups, 6mo
u said it wrong stuupid my son cook meal for the president! He 5!
Tiktoks pretty good but come on in fun
0 ups, 6mo
the songs are good, but there are way too many.a few I don't mind but that many?
if Iceu comments on this, I'll ask my crush out. also down vote Lol I wanna get the most down votes ever in repost
0 ups, 7mo
Hey Iceu, I'm a huge fan man! and oh didn't expect that lol
The one two buckle my shoe song is so annoying! Who else can relate? in fun
2 ups, 7mo
yes. also why is the rickroll actually a good song?