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He's a a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot. in fun
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Its a very long list....... LOL
Defending Derek Chauvin... in politics
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Your boy Derek, is also a murderous thug. He doesn’t get to make that decision, to end George’s life because he’s done shitty things in the past. If you give street cops that kind of power it will be open season to kill anyone they want. Do you really want a shoot-on-sight order given to street cops, to anyone they deem unworthy? Are we now looking at Judge Dredd type justice?
Defending Derek Chauvin... in politics
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Last I heard allegedly buying drugs did not come with a public death sentence.
I love you murder dog in fun
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If the Chihuahua ever got to be bread to 100 lbs, they would indeed be murder dogs!! LOL
I love you murder dog in fun
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Ya, I know. This is a meme, not a factual statement. It was meant to be ironic. Plus animals can't really talk you realize. However, the state of my trash cans every now and then makes the "Trash Panda" part actually slightly true..... LOL