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Guns are bad...
So are sawed off shotguns, assault, and murder...New laws will only impact the people who already follow them!
part of the solution
My 12 year old son came up with this saying...
diy birdfeeder
I had a dog that stole the elastic netting from a pork roast out of the trash. It got stuck, and caused him near fatal constipation. At the time I didn't have enough money for $3000 surgery, so the vet said that as long as his gums were pink he was doing well and that I should feed him all the Vaseline I could force into him, and give him an enema every few hours. After five hours, and 3 enemas he ran for the door, he hunched over, and gave birth to a greasy black lump about the size of a softball.
texas shooting
We don't know how many more would have been killed in an enclosed area with an active shooter had another person with a gun not been there, and we will never know how many people have been saved because a good guy with a gun was on scene. One thing we can count on, is most of the time the news wont tell you about it!