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See the Difference? in politicsTOO
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Yo, had to message you on one of your posts, but do you know who's in running the middle school stream rn. Me, Claybourne, you, and maybe one other person are the OGs who helped create it. Me and Claybourne pretty much stopped using this site but we still log on every now and then. I've seen that people have edited the description and I don't think it was Claybourne but I'll ask him.
Untitled Image in politics
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YOOOOOOOOOO HE RESPONDED. Lmfao what's good, yeah I've quit posting but still check on the middle school stream, which btw has over 1k followers. Can't believe we started at like 3.
AIR in fun
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overrated meme.
Stupid Signs Week (April 17-23), A LordCheesus and DaBoiIsMeAvery event in fun
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damn i made this a year ago still get comments lol.