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It is always nice to meet members of the imgflip community. Feel free to post comments and links in mine. Cheers
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Pipeline in fun
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Once a company puts money into infrastructure it will keep producing on that technology until the lifespan of the infrastructure is used up. There are a lot better options than lithium ion as an example but we will be seeing these batteries for years to come. Until that infrastructure is used up. This is one of the main considerations companies make decisions about energy and infrastructure.
Alberta oil sands crude (As produced by Suncor) is $23.20 a barrel as of their las shareholder report. A lot of people say it’s not profitable (Same with ND shale and other plays). It isn’t always true.
All the best Hoss
Pipeline in fun
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Nothing people make is bullet proof…even bullet proofing.
After having worked my entire adult life in the energy industry I can tell you two things with absolutely no doubt.
1. Nothing about energy production and transportation is trivial or easy. It doesn’t matter what the source of the energy is.
2. The majority of the population is energy illiterate. This is mostly because the main street media (Both left and right leaning) do not engage actual subject matter experts when talking about complex subjects. Celebrities and journalists should not be considered in the know about anything. That’s the message I was trying to convey with the meme.
Diversity Saturation Point in fun
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It stuck me as a powerful photo that likely wasn't going to get a lot of attention
Futurama Fry in fun
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INSTRUCTION CLARITY IS IMPORTANT | image tagged in instruction | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
It’s all in the direction you give…