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Yes, indeed criminals do break laws, but that is not an argument against having laws. It is an argument for better law enforcement. If one wishes to live in an orderly, civilized society, then that society must have laws which must then be enforced.
Under the wording of the Second Amendment, Number 14 might actually be defensible in court, but that would not mean the Supreme Court would go along with it. Under the current composition of the Supreme Court number 14 probably would not survive court challenge. Number 15 is not going to happen as it is a free speech issue.
imgflip logic 101
One does not have to click on a meme and add to view count to upvote it.
U.S. military flag waving on pole
Countries (all countries) are controlled by their governments. Where government officials are elected, the government will be controlled by politicians. This is how it works. All that said, of course it is appropriate for citizens to "get involved, speak out, educate themselves and vote." This is the path to getting elected representatives who govern in a manner in which their constituencies approve.