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Free College
1) actually yes they already have robots laying brick 2) Robots could eventually get to the point of mastering dentistry. 3)Smoke Jumpers could very easily become obsolete as better technologies are made. 4) The Internet is already a better teacher. Overall statistics show that children that used online schooling at their own pace did better on standardized tests than other children. 5)Therapy would be easy with all of the knowledge stored in the cloud. 6) Architecture could just be downloaded and you could even make a 3D model. 7) With the ammount of street cameras everywhere recordings could be analysed and they could find patterns and shit.....sorry i just gave up on explaining........peace peace sorry if I offended you. I'm don arguing.
Ramen noodles civil war
Free College
the world is becomeing more intelligent and less brutish..... someone that went to free trade school can be easily replaces with a robot that can do the same job better.... ..........
succesful mexican
ur not using that meme correctly besides isnt it trups that has a problem with mexico
I'm feeling so guilty about this... (Story in comments)
humans werent meant to mate for life ur fine