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lol in CrUnKy
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If your brain was dynamite it wouldn't be enough to blow a hat off your damn head.
Tony the tiger in fun
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First meme in 5 months in fun
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They aren't choosing to eat bats. It was all they had to eat. The people who are eating bats would much rather eat something else. But if they are eating bats then that is all they can afford to eat. So it's not their fault o.lord.he.comin. The people eating bats are living in poverty and are poor. If they hadn't eaten those bats they probably would have had nothing else to eat. None of us wanted this to happen. But it has happened and blaming it on "Chinese people" isn't really something you should do. Because obviously they are not all eating all the bats. It was just a few very poor people who had no food except for these bats. So don't go insulting people when they have pretty bad lives and are very poor. I mean if you have to eat a bat you are not exactly doin great in life at that point. Just be thankful that you have don't have to eat bats. And that you don't live in the very close full of poverty spaces where these Chinese people do live. Think about that the next time you want to say "freaking Chinese people" again.
Change My Mind in fun
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No not really