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Trump Shot in politics
3 ups, 3d
That's amazing 💯
Trump Shoy in politics
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You're pathetic and repulsive.
Liberals in politics
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image tagged in stay strong trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Liberals in politics
2 ups, 5d
Nope doesn't happen not even when you said that the babies that got killed by that lowlife sexual degenerant pervert loser at the Tennessee christian school were not angels and deserved hellfire on my other meme. Conservatives like for people to see how trashy witless lowbrow n disgusting yall are. You defeat yourselves everything you open yr mouths. Why would we Want to censor that? Yall have to censor opposition because nothing yall say or do makes any sense and you see how simple clear and intuitive our views are they must be stopped
Liberals in politics
2 ups, 5d