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Paper straws are not the solution in fun
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The real question is are they made from recycled paper? If so that means you are sucking your cola through a tunnel of buttwipe and noseblow. Even worse, if you're drinking a shake, cuz you're sucking real hard n slow
The Rock Driving in politics
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Still Christians of all colors had it first. Or at least God -Fearers since it was old testament BC. BESIDES whatever struggles blacks and minorities have gone through; segregation, racism, ability for lil child use same bathroom or water fountain as a white child has been thoroughly cheapened by the rich zillionaires (mostly white) that have homogenized the entire spectrum victim class into one group. GAYS, TRANNIES, ENVIRONMENTALIST WACKOS etc. Will eventually have as much clout as Al sharpton, Rosa parks, Jesse jackson. THEY think they do now. They've piggybacked every laughable unnatural alien thing onto blacks 300 year real, life/country/world alterring struggle
Change My Mind in fun
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Gud Jawb
Change My Mind in fun
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Oooooops autocorrect nightmarexxxx