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3 Types Of People Nice and Tight Loose Lumpy And Not Made3 in fun
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Same here. It was nothing but a thing to me when I was in the military and it had to be done
Neera Tanden Confirmation in politics
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Once again the hypocrisy is being overlooked. These same politicians that have issues with Neera Tanden's mean Tweets are the same politicians that turned a blind eye to Trump's Tweets and he was the President. Not to mention Melania Trump's Cyber Bullying campaign a farce joke, once Trump started finger f**king the keypads.
Untitled Image in politics
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lol good one!
Untitled Image in fun
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Trump Americans Who Died In War Are Losers and Suckers in politics
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Wow triggering Trumptards is easier than I thought, but it's ok I do often wonder what goes on in the minds of people that actually support this guy. But if you want to or not take this as a compliment you are actually one of the few Trumptards I do like speaking to. Very detailed and insightful but for what? I just asked a simple yes or no question, that deserves a simple answer. I don't need all the excuses of why, there just needs to be an answer. An example if you it ok to call an African American the N word in public. Not against the law but politically incorrect. Agreed? So the simple question all I ask is it ok for an American President to disparage anybody alive or dead that has served in the armed forces in which he has? From McCain, to all the outgoing generals that used to work in the White House that has more leadership skills Trump would ever have than all his golf trips to Mar-a-Lago combined in a lifetime, to disrespecting Gold Star Families. Is this ok for a sitting U.S. President to do. Yes or no. Then we can talk about all the things Trump hasn't done for the military to finish