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Nor do I want to, thank you very much
Remember Swiggys-Back? I sent him the link for this because he started driving for Lyft a while back. Here's what he had to say: I drive for Lyft now, but I drove taxi for 2 years. There's a lot to be said for the two. As a driver, taxis are dangerous. You have no idea who you're picking up, and, because of the quatity of cash you carry, are always ripe to be robbed. Problems I had driving taxi due to the anonimity of the passenger: obnoxious drunks, robbed once, had a gun pulled on me, runners (passengers that run off without paying) and skanky women that think they're sexy trying to take the fare out in trade. (No thank you) One other problem with driving a taxi: Dead calls. Some were just kids that love to waste other people's time, others were people that got tired of the long wait for the cab. average wait time on a cab could be as long as an hour in a small city because dispatchers would sit on calls instead of dispatching them to the next driver. Then, when we had a competing cab company, they loved to call for a cab at a ficticious address. Driving for Lyft? I think it's safer. First, the passenger is known to the company. It eliminates the anonymous passenger problem which the criminal type thrives on. Robbery? We don't carry cash, everything is done via credit/debit card.Runners? Again, covered under the card. Dead calls? While cab companies "charge" for those, collecting is another thing entirely. Rideshare companies charge your card if you're a no show. Lyft's fee is $5. Also, if you cancel your request more than 5 minutes after a driver has been assigned, you'll get charged a cancelation fee. One other benefit is that the drivers make their own schedules. There are times when I drive that I get tired. I can lo off, go home, take a nap, and go back on duty whenever I wish. Driving cab, I was pretty much tethered to the cab company's schedule. I also don't get the skanks wanting to trade favors. Of course, if a "friend with benefits" makes the offer... That sounds good for the driver, but what about the passenger. First, at Lyft, a background check IS done. I guess they don't want registered pervs driving for them. Also a check on the driver's driving record. Speeding tickets, accidents, DUIs, etc. Insurance: If you're in a Lyft or Uber, the drivers have to provide proof of insurance, and PL/PD doesn't cut it. This is in stark contrast to the "gypsy" cabs. Most, if you're lucky, have PL/PD if they are in an accident. Some may be running with
When they don't try to hide the original price
Mine as well. And grandma's, too.
When they don't try to hide the original price
I used to think it was people with more money than brains...Until I picked up a pair of used Nikes at a thrift store for $3. Brand new, they would have cost between $200 and $300. They were the most comfortable pair of shoes I ever owned. I haunt the thrift stores for another pair.