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smiling airplane in fun
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"Ah, yes, the Doolittle raid. The only time during WWII that the Pushme-Pullyu was incorporated into the battle plans of the Allied forces.

Years later, when trying to find the creature, it was tracked down to living in the Saga Prefecture where, after the war, he'd married a Japanese war widow. He was the money machine behind the launch of one of Japan's most successful martial arts dojos."*

*Source: Swiggy's Improbable And Imponderable History For Dummies.
Thank you for the memeories, Swiggy in fun
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He's still on this side of the grass, but his health's been going downhill the last couple years. He lost his little brother 6 years ago and his oldest brother last summer. You'll usually catch him on Reddit or Imgur, and even Facebook.

he's gotten heavy into anime and manga and has watch parties with his grandkids.
The only person I ever knew to own such a car was a small time drug dealer in fun
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No problem. Useless trivia is a family trait.

Yeah, my cousin inferred that they had trouble with the seals. I'd assume they'd need changed about every 5 years or so.
The only person I ever knew to own such a car was a small time drug dealer in fun
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My cousin was the one that clued me in on them. He said the first time he heard of them was when he was a wee laddie. Pepsi Cola used on in a commercial about that time. You can see the ad here:

Back in the 70s, when he was single, a bunch of his friends went cruising town and met a guy that had a red Amphicar. His friends had never heard of them, but he recognize it because of the boat features. Unfortunately, they couldn't take it to the lake, as it needed new seals.

One piece of trivia: the late president, Lyndon Johnson, owned one and loved to terrify his guests by driving it into a lake on his ranch.
Boys always love to play with their planes in fun
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I believe the "FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT" sign would be on.