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That Would Be Great
These three wouldn't be featured because they aren't even memes, just templates. (I know, there's people that post templates and those get featured. Go figure) Supposedly, the rules to post say that you can't just post a picture. The "Shave the Baby" pic has been around for a long time. My cousin posted that years ago on Imgur under questionable Christmas presents, and he said it was old back then. The multi pic one is just a collection of The People Of Walmart that's had the logo removed. The Boudins Blancs, while hilarious, was rejected because it's definitely not a meme.Strictly shock value. The thing is, the mods will tell you there are rules, but they only seem to want to enforce them when they get a wild hair up their ass. My cousin had a hell of a time with it, and would complain vocally about it. I guess one of them got tired of it: He went to log in and his account didn't exist any more. He was well established on the site, #32 on the leaderboard, then Poof, he was gone. No warning message, no, You're banned from here, nothing. When I joined, I told him I'd make memes when I could, but after seeing the trouble he had with his first account, I said I'd quit posting when they stopped featuring my posts. I had to take a break (They only failed to feature one post, even though it was obvious that I added something, and that stuck in my craw. I had to stop for a while, but I haven't submitted anything in nearly a year. I could submit the sausage one as a stand alone post, but I don't want to fall into that trap. They expect everyone to post original material, and will get pissy about it if you're in their sites, like Swiggy was. If they want to treat us like paid writers, then they need to pay us for what we do.
Peter Griffin News
So, it upsets you that liberals are acting more and more like conservatives. What a surprise!!
Thank you for the memeories, Swiggy
You're close. I found this in his batch of Facebook pictures.