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Men, we can end the wokeness that seeks to turn us into 90 lbs weakling who have to ask permission. Embrace your strength! in fun
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It's no impression. It's undeniable fact.. The left has declared war on men, as their insanity (or irrelevance) reaches new levels. But unfortunately, there are some of us who are adults. We will not be emasculated because meaningless strangers are offended. We will not be ashamed of our strength, if it's unequal to a woman. We will not surrender our pride, dignity, intelligence, or income because socialist policy demands it. I will not become weak because Hollywood portrays men as such. Some of us my friend will not yield to the beliefs of others when those beliefs are clearly contrary to our best interests. And on that note, I am going to lift some weights.
Koko the Gorilla and your Uncle who claimed he saw Bigfoot have the same issue, lack of data. in fun
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Yeah, Koko didn't warn mankind to sign the Paris Agreement, her handlers did.
Will the news report how many DC African Americans are killed by Texas Democrats with COVID? Or is that a trick question? in politics
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Ahh the Democrat Party....the party you vote for when science, common-sense, or even safety of your fellow human race is not a high priority!
Democrats, your party has been screaming to defund the police since George Floyd and now you are saying it was the GOP??!? in politics
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What lies are next? Democrats will blame Republicans for gun control? Or maybe say conservatives voted to expand abortion? Perhaps Biden will say the GOP is ruining America with their communist policies? Or Trump is censoring free speech?

The reason Democrats are reversing their narratives so soon after publically supporting them for decades is they want to test how forgetful the average Democrat voter truly is. And their big tech buddies control the flow of information. This is straight out of Orwell's 1984 novel folks.

And where will you find proof it was Democrats who screamed to defund the police? Going to Google it? They support Biden! It took me 30 min to find Trump's actual Tweet during the Capitol Hill riots. Guess what? He never ordered people to riot! Guess what Googling showed me? Thousands of left-wing results saying Trump specifically ordered the riots, without allowing me to read the tweet! Remember when Biden admitted Obama's administration built those cages on the border, but never placed children in them...until Univision journalist Jorge Ramos showed a pic of a boy in a cage in 2014? Or maybe you remember when Biden said he knew nothing about his son's business dealings in the Ukraine in 2020 while email's from 2015 were leaked showing then VP Biden in fact met his son's business partners? Remember Biden praising the lower cost of ketchup this 4th of July as proof inflation does not exist, while the Bureau of Labor released statistics that everything is skyrocketing?
Democrats, your party has been screaming to defund the police since George Floyd and now you are saying it was the GOP??!? in politics
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Remember in Animal Farm when any random vandalism was always blamed on Snowball? Even though everyone knew it was Squealer and caught him in the act? I don't know why I mentioned that....don't know why at all.....