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You are all pearls. Know how pearls are made? Through constant irritation!!!
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Remember when your dad told you not to turn a molehill into a mountain? This is why... in politics
2 ups, 13h
I love how democrats try to spin their policy disasters to make you feel sorry for the backlash instead of outraged they made the decision in the firat place.
Once upon a time, it was called weather. Now its all climate change in fun
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Ever hear of the word oversaturation? Hmmm......
Being anti-law enforcement and being against law enforcement used for character assassination is VERY DIFFERENT liberals... in politics
3 ups, 3d
If Trump broke the law, why is he held to standards Hillary Clinton wasn't? And Trump can declassify anything he wants, he was president. Hillary could not. Trump didn't admit to taking anything, Hillary lied and destroyed thousands of unsecured secret documents. Again, the liberal double standard is incredible. And the reporting of it is worse!
If you vote Democrat this mid-term, you have no eyes or no brains. Which one is it? in politics
1 up, 5d
Dems have spent the last 6 years trying to impeach, slander, or disqualify Trump from public office. Immigrants who murder US citizens are treated better than Trump. You may not care. But when these traitor commie dems come after you, remember you were warned.
Is America getting tired of an ideology being rammed down our throats? Is there an oversaturation point? in politics
2 ups, 7d
Democrats CANNOT control the weather. Certainly not any better than they can control their spending. Don't tell me what a bill can do, show me evidence of a bill being passed and the Earth cooling. If you can't, then you are no different than a delusional cult member talking about aliens. Show proof or shut up liberals.