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Enough is enough for colorado pot in politics
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Yeah but the completely unreported teen weed epidemic and other issues that weed is causing throughout the state is a high price to pay. I'd rather see more affordable homes go up so a permanent tax base can be created and working class people can lay down roots. 30 year old houses going for $400k and above is too ridiculous for working class folks. I know people who have resigned themselves to ramen noodle dinners and praying that nothing breaks on their car.... just so they can afford their house payment in Aurora. When did politicians become so delusional they thought stoners were the economic engine of the future? That's my problem with the whole issue.
Climate and liberals in politics
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Not at all. You just need to research more about true disasters instead of left wing manufactured ones. The spanish flu killed in ways the plague could only dream about as it was likely airborne. Even aboriginal tribes living in the farthest corners of Alaska were struck down. Yet humans survived. And the reason the plague was able to kill so many people in the 14th century? Actually hundreds of years of global warming came to an end suddenly. It stopped the bumper crops that was allowing most civilizations to feed themselves. And the sudden drop in global temps allowed that little bug to flourish. England used to be able to grow grapes like France. Well no more of that, yet we all survived regardless. The 535 disaster plunged the Earth into almost total darkness. It was equivalent to nuclear winter. What was left of the Roman Empire went bye-bye. Millions literally starved in the darkness. Yet, our tough ancestors took it like champs and we are here. So yes, if the world warms you will sweat a little, and Russia might become the new bread basket for the world, but the human race will not die out no matter what AOC or other doomsday liberals say.
Tech has improved since roe vs wade in politics
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As a father of far more kids than average, there are complications in giving birth, drug reactions, and infections. Been there done that. But needing to abort a child to save the mother??? Sorry. Too many doctors I've talked to say that is a fairy tale and there is nothing so common or severe in 21st century America medical science to justify the "kill the baby to save the mom" view. That is just a democrat political platform and 19th century eugenics nonsense that folks can't move beyond.
Silicon Valley in politics
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I only use tea leaves and crystal balls for my news sources.
gansters in politics
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I think its too late for "we the people". But as long as we can maintain the lesser of 2 evils, its an acceptable alternative.