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Remember when schools used to be places of teaching, learning, and critical thinking? Me neither! in politics
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I wish that were always true, but sadly there are schools that play these games. And if your kids are caught up in it, they get left behind. I know this from first hand experience at 2 elementary schools now.
The unfortunate future of Andy from Toy Story revealed!!!! in fun
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Is anyone else getting tired of some disturbed people becoming "influencers" or do we still have a way to go?
Gov. Ralph Northam- the poster child of mixed messages. in politics
2 ups, 1m
Orwell must have owned a crystal ball. Once again he has taught us the dangers of insane political dribble passing for a meaningful platform nowadays. Democrats, are you SURE double think is the way to go in the 21st century?
Don't you just get sick of those impossible butt kissing coworkers who think you report to them?!? in fun
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Every company has that one employee....that obnoxious employee who assumes one day they are your boss. And then they do everything possible to screw up your work with their constant interference.
Did Nancy Pelosi just commit a crime on national TV? in politics
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Oh please. Trump derangement syndrome is out of control. I am glad I don't support a party that has done nothing for 4 years. Or a party that commands me to hate everyone who thinks differently. Lets see who else did that? Of yeah that's right....the Nazis, communist Chinese, khmer rouge, the inquisition, Soviet Union, ahh yes, silly me to forget.