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When did science fiction become the normal world?
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If you covered the road in nails, you DON'T get to blame drivers for getting flat tires. Demsanity is on a roll! in politics
1 up, 21h
Remember when Dems blamed car manufacturers for catalytic converter thefts? Not the thieves and not the buyers. Biden blaming Amazon for his inflation failures is beyond belief.
Its funny how democrat senator Bob Menendez (N.J) is being attacked by fellow democrats, for doing the same thing Hunter did? in politics
0 ups, 3d
Innocent until proven guilty right? I guess we can see what Dems care about....
Gavin Newsome is amazing. Amazingly bad.... in politics
4 ups, 2w
If a liberal says the words "public safety" remember that's code for blaming law abiding citizens for lawless citizens.
Darrell Brooks is a medical miracle. The first human born with no brain! in fun
0 ups, 2w
Watched the court video of this moron. He could make a rock look like a PhD student.