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MJ is just another big business people. Stop believing the freedom hype. They just want victims with money in their pocket! in politics
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As someone who lived in CO when they passed legal MJ, I know this subject. It is not a blow for freedom, its all advertising. People made millions selling weed, but the streets still looked like bomb craters, the schools required you pay for EVERYONE else's supplies, and only the weed economy flourished. In some cities there were more weed shops than churches, gas stations, and restaurants combined (think Starbucks but even worse)! Every drug dealing scumbag from the rest of the country flocked to CO and the a new seedy element took over downtown areas. And the shops target KIDS exclusively. Only ex-hippies smoked weed, the rest ate THC candies, cakes, cookies, and soda. I've seen teens tripping balls wandering Walmart more times than I could count! Weed use among teens was at epidemic levels, but don't expect the greedy politicians or rich pot dealers to allow that FACT to become common knowledge. If the tobacco or gun industry used the same tactics as the MJ industry, libs would riot (even more than usual). So tough break if your straight-A 16 year old suddenly begins to fail High School because those THC gummy bears are so good! The war on drugs didn't fail, the politicians just switched sides. Drugs made their bank accounts grow. And cartels WILL start grow operations. But you still have a responsibility to your children and community. You will make nothing from legal pot, but you will absolutely pay for it one way or another.
I used to wonder how Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot could rise to power. After seeing 4 years of anti-trump democrats, I don't. in politics
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My friends, you can't stomp on a bee then complain it does not pollinate flowers. The orange man is not the GOP Jesus, but we have to save the country from the swamp people who want to destroy your children's future to line their filty pockets.
When Seattle adopts Horst-Wessel-Lied for their anthem, then you'll know their fall is complete! in politics
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Hmmm...time is what your argument lacks. The SA didn't build gas chambers in Poland, but they were the starting point for later evils. BLM is becoming more militant and accusing one specific group for all their problems. What separates a BLM rioter who wants to shoot a cop and burn restaurants that serve cops from a Brown Shirt who wanted to shoot a Jew for walking on the sidewalk and burning cafes that served Jews? It only took Hitler less than 10 years to turn angry mobs into a genocidal army. Just give it time.
Something else millennials never learned in school. Because facts that embarrass democrats need to become memory holes. in politics
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When someone says violence and riots are a means to bringing the spotlight on a national issue.....don't forget what happened last time.
Will someone tell these dingbat politicians Confederate statues are not cursed objects from the Annabelle films? in politics
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Uhhhgh..... doing something that accomplishes NOTHING is not a solution Pelosi. And once again, why are you outraged now? Desperation Pelosi.