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No such thing as sin? God may disagree. in fun
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SO YOU'RE SAYING MY SINS WERE PAID FOR ON THE CROSS BUT IF I DON'T SAY A CERTAIN PRAYER I STILL GET SENT TO HELL? | image tagged in memes,third world skeptical kid | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Doesn't sound like those sins were really paid for and that salvation is all up to me.
For the younger crowd, this was America's first 9/11. in fun
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Time to get on with your life and quit this obsessive trolling.
Such a fitting metaphor for the failure of communism. Castro's final journey ends in a breakdown ... HAHA! in fun
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Depends on which mod is working the site. Try resubmitting it at a different time.
Rickyyyy in fun
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You just can't make this stuff up ... in fun
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You're just a worthless putz aren't you?