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failed hope in humanity in fun
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exactly lol
Philosoraptor in fun
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I agree, but RIP is latin, so it's kind of a type of a thing to put on your tombstone because it's habit, but yes, they mean pretty much the same thing depending on religion.
failed hope in humanity in fun
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Here in america, we call that a success.
Feel it. in fun
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*groan* U know this is kind of a *touchy* subject, but my pride has been hurt by the *hard* fact that this meme was created
No upvote beggars in fun
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that joke's been stolen!!! the original:
Rose: Hey mama, why was I named Rose?
Mama: Well, when we were taking you out of the hospital, a rose petal fell on your face.
Leaf: Is that why I was named Leaf when I was little?
Mama: Yes Leaf.
Rose: Shut up Brick