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Change My Mind in sports
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I'm a Steeler Fan is this relevant? No no, it's not.
Oh My... in fun
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Funny because I'm recovering from a surgery right now
lol mayo in politicsTOO
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makes sense
If masks work, why get the vaccine? If the vaccine works, why still have to wear a mask and still have to socially distance? in politics
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Well, simple masks are effective but they aren't 100% effective not to mention that a lot of people don't enjoy wearing masks. Therefore we need the vaccine because that gives you immunity from the virus and allows us to return to pre-pandemic norms. People still need to social distance and wear masks simply because it would be hard to manage the situation that the vaccine would bring. For example, people could say they had the vaccine even though they hadn't and get away with not wearing a mask and potentially spreading the virus.
really, do. in fun
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