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I meant to share this in the Politics stream, not the Fun stream.
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It is by everyone except the alt right. (I noticed that you replied to this comment but not to my comment on the surplus deaths.)
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Did you ever do as I suggested and compare 2019 U.S. deaths with 2020 U.S. deaths?

2019: 2,854,838 US deaths

2020: 3,358,814 US deaths

That's an increase of 17.7%, or just over 500,000 surplus deaths.
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That's a very stupid thing to say because both of them are considered very reputable sources by anyone who hasn't been brainwashed by the alt right. What's your preferred source, Fox News? LOL
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Having a pre-existing condition doesn't change the fact that they died from COVID. I have arthritis. Does that mean that if I died of COVID, you'd try to claim that I died of arthritis?

Congratulations on finding one erroneous reported cause of death out of 600,000 (which was likely a clerical error).

Take a look at the total US deaths for 2020 versus 2019 and then tell me that only a few people died of COVID.