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Tiki Torch Terrorists
Bravo! Bravo! You sir, deserve an upvote!
Captain Picard Facepalm
[?ôlt???eT?H?r] ADVERB completely; totally: "I stopped seeing her altogether" · [more] synonyms: completely · totally · entirely · absolutely · wholly · fully · thoroughly · utterly · perfectly · one hundred percent · in all respects including everything or everyone; in total: "he had married several times and had forty-six children altogether" synonyms: in all · all told · in toto taking everything into consideration; on the whole: "altogether it was a great evening" synonyms: on the whole · overall · all in all · all things considered · on balance · on average · for the most part · in the main · in general · generally · by and large
Captain Picard Facepalm
All Together........lmfao!