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D.A.R.E. - Just Say No! Democrats Are Ruining Everything in politics
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No, we'll just vote Trump/Pence 2020.
Did Stanley Kubrick try expose elite pedophile and human trafficking rings in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"? in politics
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He's already dead, unless they want to dig him up and kill him again...lmfao!
Even Saddam Hussein got a key to a city once. in politics
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Saddam gave him a check for $200,000 dollars, enough to pay the debt and build a new recreation hall.
Melania Salutes America! in politics
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There are a lot of young boys going through puberty who think it was a good idea!
Ernie Prepares to commit a hate crime in politics
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There's nothing wrong with being Liberal. It's the Libtards that give every Liberal a bad name, just like the racists and alt-right that try to align themselves with Conservatives and Trump Supporters.