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Time to fly to the twins in Dark_humour
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i think in your case, it was grammar that you ran away from
Get off the internet and go do something nice for someone. in fun
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Looking at the memes on this platform, it is clear that most of you are the exact kind of person that I am trying to distance myself from. and if there's one thing I know about those people, it is that they are unable to seriously talk to people about their mental health, and so they project their bad mental health in hating on other people because of their opinions and way of life. Now this may not be you, but even if it isn't, please find somebody you are comfortable talking to and tell them how you're doing. get. help. and remember, the internet IS NOT the place for that. talk to real people in person. Have a good day.
Yeah or nay ! in Dark_humour
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you lot me at the electric car
Chickadee in repost
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i see a killer clown