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My memes and comments are either parody, satire, or just my opinion. If it offends you, get over it, and then fk off
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THAT'S CALLED "INDIAN STYLE" | image tagged in memes,futurama fry | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Hide the Pain Harold in politics
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And number 3 hahah
I know you think you're right, but you don't have to be a dick.
"The only barrier to truth is the presumption that you already have it."
"So you mean to tell me" meme template in fun
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If a solar eclipse causes the moon's umbra to be about 100mi wide on earth, why doesn't the same thing happen to earth's shadow on the moon in a lunar eclipse? The earth's shadow completely covers the moon - and then some - meaning it doesn't even shrink to 25% of it's original size whereas the moon's shadow is about 5% of it's original size. How do you explain that when the light source and distance are basically the same?
Hide the Pain Harold in politics
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