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Chris64GCNWii (33640)
Joined 2023-01-20
I make much funny memes and i like old Nintendo games and Trains.
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My finale meme in fun
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Meme #1,385 in gaming
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Guys im sadly leaving since my school crome book are being collected and i use it to make memes
Im always scared of horror Games in gaming
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i know, i mean FNAF is rated T
My finale meme in fun
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image tagged in attack on titan salute | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
My finale meme in fun
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Well guys its true, i am probably leaving. Tomarrow, My school is collecting school chromebooks, including the one i use to make memes. Thanks for the good times, and im proud to have joined this site. My friend Carson did introduce me to imgflip and im happy he did. I may come back in 9th grade in august or september. I could come back earlyer if i try to acess my schoolagy account on a diffrent device. As you can see in the meme "Change da world" is my finale message, also i put a CSX GP40-2 in the meme because i like trains and the GP40-2 is one of my fav american diesil locomotives. Take care everyone and I hope to see you guys soon, if i remeber this site. CHANGE THE WORLD MY FINAL MESSAGE. GOODBYE (Windows 95 startup sound)