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Chris64GCNWii (123837)
Joined 2023-01-20
I make much funny memes and i like Pikmin, Fallout and Bioshock along with some other games.
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Never ask a woman her age in Train_memes
0 ups, 4w
I honestly like CSX more than NS
I like them both equally in Train_memes
1 up, 4w
a few steam locomotives actulley have air horns and some diesels have air whistles
Me personally I watched both when I was little in Train_memes
2 ups, 4w
I watched both too, but I would defintaly say that Thomas is better, though Chuggington also was memorable
Only OG SML fans will get this in fun
0 ups, 1mo
have you seen classic SML, then you will get this meme