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If a cow is a girl cow and a bull is a boy cow then all cowboys are bulls, change my mind you fool mortal.
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That sin cannot be forgiven in fun
1 up, 2y
i can't believe i posted this cringy shit 10 months ago
Bros, i'm going to bye bye imgflip and moving to reddit, so i made this meme in fun
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And y e s, i know there's a watermark, that's not me, that's the best video i could find with that scene, so that's why the watermark is there, i edited the rest.
Hmm in fun
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bruh this books like a a good meme
Untitled Image in fun
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itsa me, the first person that viewed this meme
GokuDrip in a nutshell in fun
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ngl i upvoted the first time but i really hated it when he started milking upvotes