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Capitol on January 6 in politics
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IDK, wouldn't doubt it, if they even really got him at all.
Capitol on January 6 in politics
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If Trump announced it, it wasn't a bad idea because even if he wasn't respected, he was feared and all of our enemies knew that he doesn't play. But with POTATUS, he's not respected or feared. He just showed that he is a coward. To put it in perspective Biden has been in office including Obama's right hand man but he didn't do anything in the time to end the crappy war amicably for everyone. He ran and abandoned not just the Afghanies but his own people.
Talibanistan in politics
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You literally said you have some, you want to hand them out. Did you not say you have cry towels, I just figured it's multi use because after you finish fapping you have to cry. Keep your dirty towels too yourself.
How to recognize a stroke in politics
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How stupid, how's it racist? It's just an ugly person like all of the Biden voters. BTW I'm brown AF dip 💩. I know I triggered you though.