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Hi, I make memes occasionally but I mostly just look at memes and make comments on memes
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what the reddit in cursedcomments
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I once knew someone who's cum sock grew mushrooms, he then took them off and cooked the mushrooms and ate them.
Link in comments in cursedcomments
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"Guacamole gamer fart 9000" is the last thing I drank, so it doesn't count, but it sounds better than naming the dog "tacos".
Expanding Brain in gaming
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It is in my personal opinion based on the recent events that have transpired within the activity that we have just participated in that the effort placed unto the game was well done as it has left me with a great emotion feeling that can be described as pleasant and joyous. I shall therefore hope that all citizens who have partaken in this video game an enjoyable amount of time that would amount to several system hours.
nahh in Dark_humour
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Obviously not considering what happened that day
Untitled Image in Comics
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Hello there