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Minecraft is kinda my thing.
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I swear I didn't get my imgflip name from this. in fun
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Awwww shit you watch Hyun. Sir, I applaud you<3
Untitled Image in fun
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THIS HAS BEEN REPOSTED OVER 4 TIMES SINCE JANUARY HOW COULD SOMEONE NOT HAVE ALREADY SEEN THIS? | image tagged in memes,captain picard facepalm | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I totally support being yourself, but COME ON!!! in fun
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Exactly. I'm not bashing on them, I just wanna talk like a normal human being.

Its like....*laughs* its like they end every sentence with a question mark. Oh man its somethin' else.
If America is about freedom, let people be free to stand up for what they believe in. Pro or non-pro-gay marriage. in fun
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I just wish everyone could be free to stand up for what they believe in without people making the person out to be the next Hitler and be attacked for it.

Non-pro gay



Pro-who gives a flying f**k? Its NONE of anyone's business on what goes on in someone's bedroom. (<--- I stand strongly for this one)