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Nazi Concentration Camp ID: Red Triangle: social democrats, socialists, trade unionists, communists and anarchists.
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I guess it can be done in politics
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Gas prices are rising My truck gets 20mpg Why is gas so expensive? | image tagged in memes,bike fall | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Also Ukraine isn't a war We are officially in. So, still, no wars.

CHIPS ACT, more jobs open than before pandemic, lock downs over, covid under control, MAGA terrorism is on the decline, inflation reduction act that even FOX News praised. Biden is setting records with adjustments.

Trump said that gasoline prices were $1.86 a gallon when he left office.

The national average price for gasoline when Trump left the White House was actually $2.38, or about 28% higher than what Trump said

In some states, there were probably individual stations selling gas for $1.86 a gallon on that date, but there were also stations in Orlando, Fla., at $5.95 per gallon. So at best, Trump would be engaging in extreme cherry-picking ( no surprise ) by highlighting an unrepresentative price as typical as he was exiting the White House.

Are you really pinching pennies for gas?
I guess it can be done in politics
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So we are now talking about gas and not kushners deals. And we were talking about hunter biden... but for some reason you still can't speak to your vapid hypocrisy.

I rest my case, this isn't about making money in the white house. It's about who's in it, yet connservatives canfail to notice unlike Ivanka, Eric, Don Jr. And Jared aren't considered wh staff.

Keep singing his song he'll need all the thoughts and prayers you can spare that were left over from covid to get his ass out of prison.

Corruption is alive in your party. And that's fine for you so long as it's your party.

Funny thing about pardons, in order to accept them it is an admission of guilt... how many did he pass out?

But it makes sense on why you keep dodging kushner.

BTW. I made no such allegation.
I guess it can be done in politics
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🎵We don't talk about kushner, hush, hush, hu-sh.🎵
Untitled Image in politics
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Hello? Still waiting to hear the illegal part
Hey Internet color in politics
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The only state where the law was carried out without bias was in Utah in one school district where the Bible was banned.

I don't think this is bout caring for children or sexually explicit content... If there was only a way to get a non hyper partisan legislature in a red state beyond Utahs single school district...