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Nazi Concentration Camp ID: Red Triangle: social democrats, socialists, trade unionists, communists and anarchists.
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Impressive mental gymnastics from the collective right... in politicsTOO
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And today, class we welcome pigride, a patient who suffers with Biden Derangement Syndrome. Pigrider, thank you for being here.

Could you tell us more about how the economy is not the result of a poorly handled pandemic leading to mass resignations, job quitting, layoffs, which lead to a workers crisis followed by a supply shortage which led to truckers being over worked and in turn resigning themselves and exacerbating the supply chain crisis?

Or, perhaps how Putin trying to invade and take Ukraine had nothing to do with the oil crisis, and is instead, still Biden's fault?
MAGA NPC in politicsTOO
1 up, 5d
So you know, I deleted the comments. You're welcome to repost them as one image. Whether or not *checks notes* "It was true" or not is irrelevant. Pictures also aren't rebuttals. At least, not since we could learn to read. If you wish to form an articulate response, by all means. And again, just to drive it home: the rules of this stream say no spam. Which you did.
Thanks for approaching us in the unsurprising manner in which you did. I will also note, I didn't delete your "Attack the mod" meme, that was someone else.
MAGA NPC in politicsTOO
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You ever seen Trump ride a bike? Go for a jog?
Apparently he played Tennis. Once.