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I occasionally make fine junk that just makes sense, mostly fandom-related.
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Respect the creators and stop posting leaked spoilers. in fun
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This can be applied to just about any fandom of any work, but I made this meme after hearing that the upcoming episode of The Owl House, "For the Future," got leaked onto the iTunes in Canada and got uploaded onto The Owl Club on January 5th, which was sixteen days BEFORE the episode's actual release date. We're not just talking screenshots; we're talking about the WHOLE episode.
Creative Blocks Are A Real Hassle. in fun
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You're right, but the thing is, I couldn't find a better term that refers to, say, having both writer's block AND artist's block, so I had to settle for "creative block."
My relationship with the RWBY fandom in a nutshell in fun
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Okay, explanation time.

What inspired me to make this meme is because, as much as I find RWBY appealing (although I haven't watched a single volume or a full episode of it), I don't feel welcome in the fandom simply because I have an interest in WhiteRose (Weiss/Ruby) and Bumbleby (Blake/Yang). As I've said before, I've seen lots of fan content for those two couples, and I think they're both cute.

However, the WhiteRose and Bumbleby antis aren't the only ones that's driving me away from the fandom. The other reasons include, but are not limited to, Adam apologists, Blake haters, Weiss haters, and don't even get me started on that Adel Aka person (which, thankfully, I've never seen any of that person's videos, because I have heard he is the epitome of the toxic side of the fandom).

I genuinely hope that I can actually get into RWBY someday, and I genuinely hope that I can be welcome in the fandom with open arms.
Gay Witches in fun
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Aww! They really ARE cute together! :)
Double d facts book in fun
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This is the third meme I've submitted in a row that defends Korra (both the character and the show), and I figured an explanation is in order.

It always frustrates -- nay, disheartens -- me whenever I see hate towards Korra not just on here, but just about anywhere on the Internet. I've seen people fault her for her personality in Book 1 (which her personality improves as the show progresses), calling her a failure because she didn't defeat Kuvira during her duel in Zaofu (which is ableist, because Korra had PTSD after nearly being killed by Zaheer and the Red Lotus), putting too much emphasis on her faults rather than her strengths (that in which one her strengths is becoming the first Avatar to master metalbending), and hating her simply for being a bisexual woman of color who is in a relationship with another female (which is both sexist and biphobic), among other things. I've even heard worse things about her, but I don't wish to bring it up.

The point I'm trying to make is that Avatar Korra is no Avatar Aang, but on the flip side, Avatar Aang is no Avatar Korra. Korra never tried to be like Avatar Aang, which doesn't make her better or worse. Just different. And she should be accepted for who she is.