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Russian dictation in fun
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Leftist ideology already achieved in Europe. Coming soon to America. in fun
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Other than heathcare, gun control is a great example of a thing that causes a major divide on American politics yet is consensual in Europe. Having those big guns so common and loosely seen in the American home (i say "big guns" because I'm pretty stupid when it comes to it and know zero about it) is considered "medieval", if not "barbaric". «For self-defense, you say? Get back to you house, why would citizens zeal for their security, the police does it for you."»

Also, once again, this isn't the case of the "big state, big government" restraining the people from their automate desire to have something. People don't even associate "gun" with "security".

It's weird, and everyday it gets worse. All this talk about weapons reminded me how animal rights activists are closer and closer to forbiding hunting entirely.
Leftist ideology already achieved in Europe. Coming soon to America. in fun
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As an European, i can assure that it's far from being "leftist", by European political standards. The Western conservative social-democrats too love receiving refugees, on the ground of christian solidarity and good will. If the refugee crisis had happened 20, 30, 40 years ago, i bet the the european reception would have been the exact same as today.
Of course that if you're American, you might have read social-democrats and said "what, you're mad, that's not right-wing". Well, it is here. Macron is centre, Merkel is right (almost far-right for some). People CANNOT (believe me, CANNOT) conceive the idea of not having free state broad health-care, for example, it's almost an unalienable right. What ends up making a party right or left-wing is religion and tradition, economically they don't do that much different.
So, most, if not all of European right-wing party leaders, dont' find any similarities between themselves and the American Republicans. To them, they will always be extremists, far right-wingers, 100 years back in time, basically, retarded.

Take the example of the President of my country. Just so you know, he doesn't really govern, that's the Prime-Minister, but he is nonetheless a heavy figure in politics, obviously, as head of state. He was the leader of the the most popular right-wing party for 3 years in the 90's, then quit, and became very popular in the recent decade with his weekly opinion space on national TV, which launched him onto the Presidency, basically. Each time the conversation was about Republicans, he would say that he "would never vote on them" if he was American, that they were too extreme.

Just saying. I only started to see the political cons of the refugee migration when i started reading American stuff online. Questioning it like I do is considered stupid here, and people watching your meme would be like "What does it have to do with being left or right-winge, lol, this guy is retarded."
Confession Bear in fun
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I notice I meet smarter people online Internet than in the traditional media. Yet the latter think that they hold the monopoly on truth and that the Internet is "dangerous" and the origin of "fake news".