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Carlos_The_Commenter (28269)
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Super dum idiot with no s key that plays roblox, tf2, terraria, pirated minecraft, and muck
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Undertale and Deltarune fans listening to their music: in Undertale
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Did you seriously commented at a 6 month old post. Also also i switched to reddit jusr because
very in Roblox
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Well thats quite what i mean. Its either you become your roblox avatar (Rip if your avatar is a troll avatar and your short because of it lol) or just be your human self and stuck into the game literally getting sucked into your monitor
very in Roblox
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Yeah your right
mr incredible becoming canny in Roblox
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Meanwhile i cant fc Monochrome
very in Roblox
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Also also also im not sure if your talking about those "better games" to fit to my meme about "the last game you play you would be stuck forever"