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"Something bogus is going on" Elon Musk in politics
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Ya is he definitely a cult of personality agreed. I'm still suspicious of transhumanism too, but I'm old fashion.
"Something bogus is going on" Elon Musk in politics
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He's not wrong about the test. This is the reason for the inflated numbers which supposedly "necessitate" the lockdowns and Orwellian tactics.
Carbon capture unit in politics
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We are going to have to contact trace your thoughts sir.
Christian Double Standards In Action in fun
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a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam.
"he declared a jihad against the infidels"

Islamic nations remain back in the stone age because they are the cube moon cult toy of the Edomites and Jews who practice Kabbalah. The Hagia Sophia heresy and all the others, there will be hell to pay in the next life not. Enjoy your child brides before the fires.
The irony of Malcolm X in politics
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The precise date of the founding of Zoroastrianism is uncertain. An approximate date of 1200-1500 BCE has been established through archaeological evidence and linguistic comparisons with the Hindu text, the Rig Veda

Jewish history begins with the covenant established between God and Abraham around 1812 BC (over 3,800 years ago), during the Bronze Age, in the Middle East.

Don't let that get in the way of your Enochian occult bullshit.