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Black Lives. Defund the Cops. Kill Capitalism. Women's Body Autonomy. LGBTQIA+ Rights. End Poverty: TAX THE RICH. Bye!
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Smort Car in politics
0 ups, 4mo
And the whole world has a horse in the race because of the horse's a$$ you want to elect to the oval orifice.
Smort Car in politics
0 ups, 4mo're an RWNJ. Blocked. BUH-byee.
Smort Car in politics
HE'S BACK! in politics
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What part of "Biden's non-socialist agenda" did you somehow misinterpret as me calling him a socialist? Is a hyphenated negation too complex for your grammar skills?

The point I was making is that, in Canada, our Right Wing is STILL to the Left of the American Left wing.

Anyone with an eighth grade reading level should be able to comprehend that, even adjusted for inflation.