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Real Gamers in fun
0 ups, 2y
I'm not a fan of the Battle Royale genre in general, but it's free, so you can't really complain.
Big Brain Essays in fun
1 up, 2y
Ah. Now THAT is truly big brain time. ;)
Feminist Rally #3162 (Marvel Edition) in fun
1 up, 2y
It was just too forced, in my opinion. I mean, people said there was a similar scene in Infinity War. I never noticed that, which is completely fine. The women get their cool fighting scene, but it's so organic that you don't notice that they're promoting it. That's true equality, right there.
Feminist Rally #3162 (Marvel Edition) in fun
2 ups, 2y
I make jokes about everything, from orphans to Nazis to Obama. You don't really have to take anything I say seriously. I am not a fan of all the women's rights movements going on, but what can you do? I just felt that this scene was incredibly forced and retarded. That, and the blatant gay scene in Endgame. I did like your meme, by the way. ;)
Untitled Image in fun
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Dopes, you're right. They do look very similar, though.